Iced Tea - Loose Leaf
Iced Tea - Loose Leaf

Iced Tea - Loose Leaf

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Origin:  House Blend
Flavor:  crisp, juicy berries

Not to brag, but this blend was done after the first test batch.  Yunnan for the body, Ceylon and Darjeeling teas for the tart, juicy high notes.  But what we didn't count on was the intense berry-like flavor we got after a 10-hour cold brew.  Such a refreshing tea, it barely needs sugar but sugar brings out a little more of the fruity flavor.

Ingredients: organic black teas

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Coffee typically spends 6 months to a year on a shelf before it is purchased. We don't know about you, but that seems a little to old for our taste. At Pier 13 Coffee we micro-roast our own coffee in small batches so every one of our bags is guaranteed to be fresh.

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