Raspberry Rose Tea Bags 12ct
Raspberry Rose Tea Bags 12ct

Raspberry Rose Tea Bags 12ct

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Origin:  House Blend
Flavor: delicate, tart, floral

This delicate Chinese green tea is scented with rose petals & has just a touch of juicy
raspberry. It brews a light, smooth cup with a gentle, tart aftertaste.  Drink it hot or chilled.

Ingredients: organic green tea, organic freeze-dried raspberries, organic rose petals,
natural flavor

Coffee Done right

Coffee typically spends 6 months to a year on a shelf before it is purchased. We don't know about you, but that seems a little to old for our taste. At Pier 13 Coffee we micro-roast our own coffee in small batches so every one of our bags is guaranteed to be fresh.

Proudly Serving the Space Coast

Located on the beautiful coast of Florida, there is only one thing we love more than the beach -- Coffee! All of our coffee is roasted in USA.

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